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Sunday, April 27, 2008


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Jane F. Kotapish, from New York. Her debut book is Salvage (MacAdam Cage)

Salvage is a novel about a woman seeking refudge from her paralyzing memories, and the eccentric mother who keeps her on the edge.”

Writing Habaits: “I have two children, so I’m relegated to writing during the preschool hours a couple of days a week.”

How Did you Get your Break? “I was fortunate to have the first pages of Salvage read by an editor I met through a close friend. This editor then referred me to a stellar New York agent.”

Time Frame: “I wrote the first lines July 2003 and finished copyediting in November 2007.”

Secret to Success: “Finding a quiet space far away from my tea kettle and magazine piles.”

Advice: “Just slog through, even on the worst of days, and don’t judge anything you write until a week later.”

Influences: “I danced before I wrote. Everything my mentor, Majorie Mussman, teaches about movement---creating focus, taking chances, making an unequivocal statement—is beautifully applicable to the craft of writing.”

Weird Hobbies: “Eating Czech pastries and watching the first season of ‘Arrested Development’ ad nauseum.”

What’s Next? “A young adult fairy tale, a war novel and a mixed-media-choreographic extravaganza, not necessarily in that order.”
From Writer's Digest June 2008