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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Signs That You’ve Found You’re Calling by Dr. Lissa Rankin

You may think you’ve identified your calling, questioned it, become disillusioned, left it and then come back to it in a different form. The following clues let you know you’re on the right track.

You realize you’ve been training for this since birth: Even the gritty things, the disappointments, regrets and screw-ups have all been preparation. Major life disruptions and failures were all just teaching essential lessons so that you can become who you’re called to be.

You sense ease: In the face of obstacles—such as doors of suspected opportunity that are shut tight or relentless struggles impeding a course you thought was right—it can be hard to tell if your commitment is just being tested or you’ve veered off course. Such hurdles can be part of the growth process cultivating your “inner hero” necessary for the journey. Trust the sense of movement towards ease, which likely will include supportive synchronicities.

Your health may improve: Cravings for unhealthy foods will lessen and you’ll feel more energetic. Old aches and pains might disappear; even chronic illness can fade when you’re focused on your life purpose.

You feel strangely peaceful, despite reasons to be anxious: Your soul longs to express what you’re on Earth to express, and when you finally rise into alignment with your calling, your soul does a happy dance. Even if everything else seems to be falling apart and others consider you crazy, you’ll be centered in peace, relieved that you finally know what you’re called to do.

The universe rolls out the red carpet: When called to do what is needed for the highest good of all beings, the universe bends over backwards to hand you whatever you need. No request is too small. Unexpected money flows in and other resources appear just as you’re ready to give up. You’ll know you’re on track, even if it is not quite clear what you’re on track to do.

People find you: Few can fulfill a calling alone. Most of us need a tribe to lift us up as we do brave, scary, world-changing things. When you’re aligned with your life purpose the right people, including magic-wielding mentors, will find you at the right time, if only you’re courageous enough to be vulnerable about what you’re being called to do.

Natural Awakenings Magazine
July 2016

Insider Secret: Surround Yourself with Positive People

:07 - "Stay away from the NIOP's. Do you know what a NIOP is? The Negative Influence of Other People. Because they don't want you moving forward because when you're moving forward, they're moving backward and they don't like that stuff so they get that lasso out and pull you back. Get away from them! They're not your true friends. Your true friends will love you, encourage you, support you and build you up. They won't try to pull you back."

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

New Year, 2017!

A little luck never hurt. I lit this candle, on Jan 1st.