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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Time Passing Us By

Hello Internet Surfers, its me, Cattt. I'm at work working the earrrrrrly morning shift. The past couple of days I've been working some crazy hours, but I always do here. I got off at 4pm yesterday and had to come back in at 12am. The coffee is flowing so I have some fuel to keep me going and now I have warmed up some food and I'm contemplating if I want to eat or not. I'm taking small bites of food and BIG gulps of java! lol!

Well this morning when I was on my way to work to work the 8a-4p shift I stopped at Food Lion to pick up some fuel (aka coffee) before heading off to work. There wasn't anyone in line so I was able to hurry through. I saw Ms. Hoppy, the cashier lady, quickly put down the newspaper and book. As she scanned my can of coffee I leaned over to see what she was reading (I can't help it since I'm a writer). I thought it was the book The King and I, the one with Yul Brynner, but it was The King and I about Luciano Pavarotti. She told me what the book was about and I could tell by the way her eyes lit up that she was such a fan of the opera star. "You love opera?" I asked her. "Oh yes I do!" Ms. Hoppy proceeded to tell me about when she first started to enjoy the music and who her favorites are. She told me that one time she saved up her money to see Pavorotti. She said she would love to go to the opera at Lincoln Center. Attending the event at the center has always been her dream. I was like "For real?" She said "Yes, Cattt, I'm 75, but I'll get there." I was thinking Good Lord! I would hope that I would have visited a couple of times b4 that age if I really wanted to go. I made a note to myself that if I really wanted to go somewhere I needed to get on the ball, stay focused, and actually get it done and not allow other things to pull me away from that.
I will write more later today. Sorry for the errors. What can I say, I haven't slept. Im feeling loopy. Hey the time changed! I get off work sooner! : D