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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Love And Consequences, Fake Memoir, Margaret B. Jones Lies

The NY Daily News reports: "Love and Consequences" was published last week to generally rave reviews - and on her MySpace page, Jones/Seltzer trumpeted the plug from O, The Oprah Magazine. A "startlingly tender memoir," read the enthusiastic blurb. Publisher Riverhead Books was forced to recall 19,000 copies of the book yesterday after Seltzer admitted her gripping tale of running drugs for a South Central Los Angeles gang was a work of fiction.

The book's publisher said in a statement: "Riverhead is saddened by this turn of events."
"We feel bad for our readers, Peggy and her family."

Oprah's mag says: "While it was a great read, we now know that it should have been classified as fiction, rather than as a memoir."

According to Page Six, The book's dedicated "to all the Bloods and Crips who lost their lives in the struggle." A passage recounts Margaret Jones' life in foster care, saying "I found a full range of abuse" in the system. "It came in all forms, physical, mental and sexual."

At 12, Margaret became a drug runner, with the pitch, "I'm looking ta make sum ends, anyone got sum deliveries they need made or what?... Homie, I'm perfect. Who would ever suspect me?"